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As we know, the traffic to websites comes from a different link, in addition to using good keywords and also to promote or more, the use of images is also important because, image  is loaded on your site can attract customers Other Internet user directly go to your site .. how and why.?

For example, other users search for images of a 'warship', using the keywords 'warships' and search at  'google images' for example, it will display the google image search results associated with the photos keywords above, and each image search list contains links to blog @ website where the image is,
If your blog has many images, it help increase traffic to your blog because, users who click on these images will be taken to your blog via a link from an image in google images search results ...

Nissan cefiro picture above is one post in my blog, can be seen here-my turbo car pictures
and the picture has been generating traffic to my blog, though not thousands of visitors but it was a bit much to generate traffic to my blog, for the more certainly, you can try using the search 'google images' and type in Nissan cefiro A31 turbo project, are at the first image that appears at the top of the search list is the image link to my blog ..
The conclusion,install images in a blog certainly can generate traffic to your blog, as I gave the example above, so as you write the articles do not forget to put the image of what you write..

Good Luck friends ,
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