facebook failed to protect consumer privacy.?

As we all know, facebook is one of the most popular social networking site is currently comprised of approximately .. 500 million members around the world ... love social right there.?
But did you know this late facebook alleged failure to protect the privacy of its users .. 

Facebook is also share the user information to advertisers , including current information on our sign-up (this is very dangerous) .. 
although facebook is said to be taking steps to overcome the matter, but no concrete guarantee that user data safety in there .. Facebook has said that despite the challenges, and they plans to restrict the distribution of user IDs and enforce privacy policies in an external application .. 

Meanwhile Australia's ABC also reported that an estimated 25.000 Facebooker join the community with "stop up" the campaign urged other users to close an account at social networking site Facebook for failure to protect the privacy of users, it is also to avoid the user's personal data exploited ..
After this sense, i think i wants to close my facebook acc la, either join adsense or apsense..
make money online hu hu..

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