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The design, created with the Malaysian manufacturer PROTON is based on a plug-in hybrid drive system designed with Lotus Engineering and was developed with the aim of optimising the available on-board space and car access ergonomics. “We have created a family of models in different configurations but all offering the passenger room of a medium-category car while maintaining the exterior dimensions of a compact mini. The architecture has been designed in such a way as to allow us to outfit an infinite number of variants without compromising the car’s great comfort and extensive interior space” explained Giorgetto Giugiaro, Chairman of Italdesign Giugiaro.
With 25 years in the automotive sector PROTON has produced 15 car models to date that have sold more than 3 million units throughout the world and is now ready to expand its horizons with a range of revolutionary cars that meet international standards. The name, Emas, meaning “gold” in Malay, is the acronym for Eco Mobility Advanced Solutions.
Emas: the three configurations Italdesign Giugiaro is exhibiting three configurations of the compact car family produced with PROTON at the Geneva motor show:
Emas Comfort: hatchback
saloon, five doors, four seats,
length of 3550 mm, hybrid
drivetrain in Comfort
Emas Country: hatchback
saloon, three doors, five seats,
length of 3550 mm, hybrid
drivetrain in a Country
Emas3 City: hatchback saloon,
three doors, 3+1 Plus seats, 3
metres in length in City outfit
with plug-in electric drive.

 he performance and range of the City three door electric plug-in version are currently being assessed.
Technical specifications of Proton Emas:
Dimensions and weights
Length (mm) 3555-3000
Height (mm) 1576
Width 1699
Wheelbase (mm) 2590-2035
Front tyres 215/45 R18
Rear tyres 215/45 R18
Front rims 18”
Rear rims 18”
Boot capacity 320-390 litres
Mechanical units and performance
Mechanical architecture hybrid, series, plug-in
Internal combustion engine
front transverse
Technical specifications 3 cylinders in line, 6 valves, 1.2 litres
Power 51 hp / 38 kW at 3500 rpm
Maximum torque 107 Nm at 2500 rpm
Electric motor position rear
Power 75 kW (peak), 45 kW (continuous)
Maximum torque 240 Nm
Batteries 100 X 31 Ahr Cells
370 Volts
11.47 kWh
Time for full recharge 3 hours with normal 240 Volt, 13A power
Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h 14 sec
Top speed 170 km/h (peak), 130 km/h (continuous)
Range in electric mode 50 km
Traction rear
One-speed gearbox final drive ratio 4.214:1
Front suspension McPherson
Rear suspension torsion beam.
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