Mobile Registration for Penang Bridge Int Marathon

PBIM is the first marathon in Malaysia or perhaps the first marathon in South East Asia that offer mobile registration.
About PBIM Mobile Registration:
What is mobile registration?
  • It is a customised mobile solution that enables simple mobile registration for this year’s PBIM participants who previously registered in previous year’s (2009) race.
  • It is open to all local Telco network subscribers – DiGi, Celcom, Maxis & UMobile.
Why mobile registration?
  • This solution is an alternative option for repeat PBIM participants to register for this year’s race. They can register for the race by providing only their ID card no and t-shirt size.
How does this mobile solution actually work? 
  • Interested participants have to text their ID no.  and t-shirt size to a short code number (36365).
  • Once registration is successful, the participant will receive an SMS with the registration reference number of payment.
  • With the registration number, participants can now make payment at the nearest payment kiosk or via online payment @
How much does a participant have to pay to use this service?
  • Standard SMS rates apply. There is no additional charge thereafter.
When can the customer start to register via mobile?
  • Immediately
Can all interested participants register via this application? 
  • NO, the service is limited only to those who previously registered in last year’s marathon.
  • To make registration easier for repeat participants – they need not provide details already in the PBIM’s database.
What happens when a new participant attempts to use this service?
  • The participant will receive a message that states “Participant ID not found”, which means that he did not participate the previous years’ marathon.
  • The participant should instead visit, to register.

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