Keyboard History-origin

Have you thought why the order of the day-to-day keyboard that we use is generally made to order like that. And what do you think the arrangement is such that the most efficient ever made so we will be much easier and faster for us to tapping. Here, the arrangement of the keyboard generally used today (QWERTY) is actually one of the most efficient arrangement is intended to be you and me tapping more slowly. Why? This is the history of the order of keyboard .. This is related to the history of tap machine first discovered by Christopher Latham Sholes (1868). When creating the machine tap the previous prototype, but most allow us to more quickly tapping. Too quickly the possibility of tapping, up-to common problems at the moment. Often when the knob is pressed, the trunks of (Slug), which hit the tape is mechanical failure, which is often caused because the rods of each hook (jamming). Because of confused thinking about the solution at that time, Christopher Latham Sholes disorderly acak exactly the order that way until I find a combination that is considered the most difficult to use in tapping. Clear purpose, to avoid mechanical errors that often occur earlier.

Finally, the order of the machine is a down tap on the computer and keyboard as input Opened in 1973 as a standard keyboard ISO (International Organization standards). Actually, there are a number of standard keyboard arrangements are used today. Along ASK (American Simplified Keyboard), generally referred to by Dr. Dvorak found. August Dvorak, circa 1940. In the present research, Dvorak arrangement allows us to tapping more efficiently. But perhaps because it is too late, ultimately must bow because Dvorak QWERTY dominance that has occurred in the organization-organisa the world at that time and they do not want to bear the risk of Rush when changing to the Dvorak keyboard arrangement. The confession came only from the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) who agree to the arrangement of the Dvorak keyboard as an alternative version? around the year 1970. Keyboard arrangement of the rest of the development of the QWERTY arrangement was leclerk used in countries such as Hungary, Germany, Swiss, etc. AZERTY by countries France and Belgium, QZERTY, etc. 
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