fast action can you do when rain if air conditioner in your car stop working

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when the car air conditioner does not work when driving during rain, and foggy mirror will easily disrupt vision when driving, this is very dangerous, what I want to share here is how to reduce these problems,
take some hair cream or any cream that may in your car (the cream, do not use oil), rub the cream on your hands then, rub the inside of the windscreen of your car, leave it for a minute, then wipe the smooth with a dry cloth or tissue on the mirror, spread the cream is working to absorb the mist in the mirror, it caused to be blurred, this step can cleanse the mirror of your car to drive even without the use of air conditioners during the rain, the mirror will be bright for about 30 minutes, after then repeat the steps above if the foggy mirror, safe to try ..
in the next post, I will share how to overcome the leakage of the water tank..

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AcAi berkata...|Reply This Comment|

nice info bro..

tam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

sama-sama,aku pernah cuba buat,mujarab tuu..

mR Gee.!! berkata...|Reply This Comment|

nice info jugakk... bleh try..

tam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

kalau terdesak semasa hujan memang mujarab tip ni,kalu dah cuba nanti jgn lupa khabar2kan...

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